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Christini AWD 450

CHRISTINI AWD has been a pioneer throughout the design and development process of AWD for motorcycles, producing bikes with proven commercial and racing success. “Our line of AWD models will provide the opportunity for every motorcycle enthusiast to experience the quality and improved benefits of All Wheel Drive” says President Steven Christini. Previously, CHRISTINI AWD had sold custom AWD models using modified OEM factory frames, and is looking forward to distributing its production motorcycles worldwide to over 30 countries in 2012.

CHRISTINI had a successful year of racing in the X Games and EnduroCross series and has recently been awarded a contract to supply the US Military with a tactical off road motorcycle for operations worldwide.

CHRISTINI’s patented AWD motorcycle technology features a durable rigid series of shafts and gears, delivering power from the motorcycle’s transmission to the front wheel. The proprietary AWD system is entirely enclosed within the frame and head tube of the motorcycle and is extremely efficient, resulting in less than 1% power loss while adding less than 15 lbs total weight to the motorcycle. Traction and safety in wet and treacherous terrain both on and off road are dramatically improved by AWD, enabling riders of all skill level to achieve performance levels far superior to a normal rear-wheel drive motorcycle. “Our AWD system is race tested, extremely durable and has been ridden with great success in US and international races over the past 6 years,” says Christini.Christini 450   2Christini 450   1Christini 450

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